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Adonyss QuantumPeak
High average power, great result
PAIN-FREE Technology
QuantumPeak ™ - get better results with advanced QPL-RF technology
The QuantumPeak™ QPL-RF combines the technology of Quick Intense Pulsed Light and Radiofrequency to transport energy along targeted tissues, supplying a painless and safe skin care and permanent hair reduction treatment.

This laser has endlessly proved its efficiency of effective hair reduction and skin care treatments in global markets. Fluid motion QPL technology allows to perform an effective and painless hair reduction treatment on small and large areas of the body.
QuantumPeak™ gently transports energy through the skin and melanin into the hair follicle, unlike other conventional devices not using QPL technology, which merely transport the energy along the melanin into the follicle. Advanced cut-off filters allow the operator to perform holistic facial and body treatments customized to the clients needs.
QuantumPeak™ uses the golden standard combination of Intense Pulsed Light with Radiofrequency energy to perform painless and safe skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments.


  • A clean, effective, and painless treatment
  • Powerful cooling systems allow for a pain-free treatment - Comfortability for the utmost sensitve of skin
  • Delivering energy at a high repetition rate results in a highly effective treatment
  • QuantumPeak™ QPL-RF is performed in a sweeping motion applying up to 10Hz with 10 shots-per-second for a fast hair reduction treatment
  • The combination of IPL and RF technologies work in combination with advanced cut-off filters to produce dramatic skin rejuvination and resurfacing
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • High average power, impressive results
  • Long Lasting Liftime of the Working Lamp - up 100,000 shots
  • You can select any function or adjust any parameter by simply navigating the wide and colorful touchscreen
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Free One-on-one training with licenced electrologist


The QuantumPeak™ is a unique all-in-one technology perfect for:

  • Hair Reduction
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pigment Therapy
  • Vascular Therapy
  • Decollette Tightening
Dramatic results with fewer treatments
Permanent results leaving skin flawlessly smooth

The results after procedure
Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.
The QuantumPeak™ is a unique all-in-one technology perfect for:

  • Hair Reduction
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pigment Therapy
  • Vascular Therapy
  • Decollette Tightening
  • Low investment costs, and no disposables required for treatment
  • No costly consumables required
  • Maximum return of investment
  • A virtually pain less treatment with no downtime.
  • The advanced cooling systems provide comfort, even to those with the utmost sensitive of skin.

The handpiece has a lightweight design allowing for maximum control and precise treatment.
1 wavelength of 808 nm- the gold standard approved worldwide and considered the most effective wavelength for permanent hair reduction.
DioPulse 808 unique handpiece has an optimal laser surface 10x10 mm - perfect for any skin area.
It has a comfortable cone shape that makes it is easy to sanitize.
Extra cold chilled sapphire tip enables pain-free treatments with no need for an extra cooling device or separate cooling handpiece.
Laser lifespan: 20 million shots.

2-Year Warranty
Free training
Third Party Financing
0% In-House Financing
Videos & Protocols
Marketing Support

The QuantumPeak™ QPL- RF is a new technology of permanent hair reduction which is proving to be a sweeping success. The QuantumPeak™ works to isolate the thermal effects on the tissue surrounding the hair follicle – this provides a virtually painless treatment. The combination of low fluencies, short pulses, high repetition frequency and skin surface saphire crystal cooling results in a comfortable experience for patients with all skin types.

Advanced cut-off filters allow for a large range of wavelengths to target various chromophores - this allows for a customized treatment based off each client's needs. A broad spectrum of light is transmitted through an applicator, chromophores absorb the light, and are thermally heated to destruction. This technology results in effective hair reduction, photo-aging benefits, and correction of vascular and pigmented lesions.


QuantumPeak™ QPL-RF delivers short, low evergy pulsates to the hair which thermally damages the follicle, preventing hair growth and keeping the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing.

Advanced cut-off filters allow for quick and easy adjustment of wavelengths on a single handpiece. One can address multiple skin conditions in a single treatment without the need to purchase multiple handpieces.
The QuantumPeak™ addresses multiple skin conditions without the need for multiple handpieces; advanced cut-off filters allow the user to quickly adjust the wavelengths.
Safe to use on all parts of the body


  • Output power: 4000W
  • RF frequency: 10MHz
  • RF energy: 1-50 J/cm2
  • IPL energy: 1-50 J/cm2
  • Pulse frequency/Discharge interval
  • Q-IPL: 1-10 shots/second
  • IPL RF: 0.2 – 1 shot / second
  • Delay time Q-IPL: 1-100ms
  • IPL RF: 1-500ms
  • Wavelength: 610nm-950nm-1200nm 530nm-950nm-1200nm
  • Number of handpiece: 2pcs Spot size: 8x40mm
  • Cooling system: MCSW™ Macro-Channel Semiconductor Water Cooling
  • Dimension of machine 19*19*43 in
  • Dimension of package 26*27*48 in
  • N.W. 57 kg
  • G.W. 89.5 kg
  • Package:Aluminum Alloy Case


HR - Hair reduction handpiece with spot size of 8x40mm
SR - Skin Treatment QPL-RF hanpiece with spot size of 8x40mm
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