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Ambulance Car

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Express: 7-14 days
Standart: 25-45 days
  • Overall dimension 5785*1998*2480 mm
  • Tire size 215/75R16LT
  • Front / Rear hanging 865/985
  • Number of leaf spring -/2
  • ABS With
  • Chassis Brand SH6591A2D5
  • Wheelbase 3850 mm
  • Wheel load 1760/2040 kg
  • Approaching /Departure Angle 26/17
  • Fuel Diesel Maximum Speed 150 Km/h
  • Power/Horsepower 100 KW/136 PS
1. Long Warning Light
2. Automatic boarding Stretcher
3. Stretcher Folding
4. Oxygen Supply System, Oxygen Cylinder and Oxygen Cylinder Cabinet, Fast Interface
5. Left integral medical cabinet
6. Working seat , accompany seat
7. Disinfection lamp 1 pc
8. Two hooks for infusion
9. 1000 W inverter 1 pc
10 external power source system
11. exhaust fan
12. 12V Lighting Lamp
13. 220V power socket
14. Power Control Panel 1 Set
15. Intermediate partition (with observation window)
16. Washable medical wear-resistant floor
17. sewage barrel
18. car bosy marks & rescue marks
19 air conditional , heating system
20. Installation of explosive flashes around the car side
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