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Adonyss UV Light System

Wholesale request

ADNS-1000 - $490
ADNS-2000 - $590
ADNS-3000 - $690
ADNS-4000 - $790

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Express: 7-14 days
Standart: 25-45 days
Model: ADNS-1000
CFM: 588ft3/m
Air circulation: 1000m3/h
Input Power: ≤13W

Model: ADNS-2000
CFM: 1176ft3/m
Air circulation: 2000m3/h
Input Power: ≤18W

Model: ADNS-3000
CFM: 1765ft3/m
Air circulation: 3000m3/h
Input Power: ≤24W

Model: ADNS-4000
CFM: 2353ft3/m
Air circulation: 4000m3/h
Input Power: ≤36W

Main Specification

UV Light System
• Sterlzation Rate: 99.9%
• Long UVC lamp: 8000~12000 hours
Enviroment Temperature: -5°C~ 50°C ≤90%RH
Size: 220x165x225/250/350/445mm (L*W*H)
Installation: In-Duct at Air Handing Unit, Air Duct Or Fan Coil Unit


TiO2 Mesh Filter
Natural bacteria in the air Eliminated rate≥99.9%
Remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC ≥ 90.00%
Long life, safe and reliable
Connected with the central air conditioner for turn OFF/ON
Applications: hospitals, pharmacy, laboratory, food, chemical industry, office, hotel, public places, school supermarket and family, ete

After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts
Warranty: 1 Year
Application: Hotel, Commercial, Household, Hospitals, clinics, Airports, hotels, workshops, libraries, etc.
Power Source: Electric, Electrical
Type: Photocatalyst, Uv germicidal light
Installation: Portable, Plug-in with Central Air Conditioning
Certification: CE, ISO
Capacity (CFM): 588
Power (W): 13
Voltage (V): 220/110
Technology: TiO2 Photon Hydroxylation
Input Power: ≤13w
Photocatalysis Lamp Life: ≥8000h
Ozone Concentration: ≤0.1mg/m3
Control: Button Control+Wind Control
Main Features
1) High Sterilization Effect: natural bacteria in the air Eliminated rate≥90.0%;
2) High harmful air Effect: remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC ≥ 90.00%;
3) Widely sterilization: Bacteria, mold, virus and escherichia coli ect;
4) Control: It can be connected with the central air conditioner for turn OFF/ON;
5) Plug-in structure design, easy to install, disassemble, clean.
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