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Adonyss SZ Hospital Power System

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Hospital Power System
According to the relevant regulations in the GB 16895.24-2005 and IEC60364-7-710, in the type 2 places (various operating room, arousal room, ICU,

cardiovascular guardianship room and others all belong to the type 2 places), medical IT power system must be used to supply power.

The isolating transformer is used to divide the unprotected and protected areas;

the IT system power is drawn out from the secondary side of the isolating transformer so as to prevent ground fault current to be produced.

Using medical IT power system is the key for safe and reliable power supply in specialized places.
Isolated power system should be used to supply power to the following equipment:
High-frequency surgical equipment, infusion pump, anesthetic equipment, patient monitoring equipment, dialysis equipment, pulse pressure machine, heart recorder, syringe pump, heart-lung machine, breathing machine, constant temperature incubator and electronic pulse rhythm regulator, etc.
SZHINO Series Medical Isolated Power System Features:
Szhion series medical isolated power supply is designed to be used in medical places which require high efficiency and low noise isolated power supply as well as medical instruments which are sensitive to noise and precise measurement equipment. The conduction decrease and electromagnetic interference (EMI) technology, ideal frequency harmonic wave and sensitive monitoring and protection design can monitor equipment and power network insulation, load, temperature and so on, can protect and monitor power network operation, will act and make an alarm when an abnormal condition appears and can interlock related equipment to make interlocking protection.

The specifications and types of products provided by us include the following range: if you have special requirements, you can contact our company
Isolated Power System Components:
A set of complete medical IT power system is consisted of five parts:

1. Insulation monitor

2. Medical isolating transformer

3. Load transformer

4. Remote alarm terminal

5. Specialized Power Supply
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