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Adonyss AI Oxygen Hose Connector

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Oxygen Hose Connector
  • Probe: defferent standard can be choose
  • Material: Antistatic PVC hoses
  • Copper Tube Diameter: 7mm
  • Used: operating room, emergency room and ICU ward
  • Certificate: FDA, ISO13485
  • Color coded: According to ISO13485 color coded
  • Gas: AIR; N2O; VAC;O2;N2;EVAV;CO2
  • Type: Respiratory Equipments Accessories
Material: Antistatic PVC hoses
Gas: O2, AIR, VAC, N2, N2O,CO2 ,AGSS are available
Advantage: defferent standard probe can be choose
Length: Customized

  • Medical oxygen hose tube are used as extensions to supply any device or machine with medical gases delivered from a standardized outlet.
  • The max working pressure is up to 55 psi for all gases except for Nitrogen, Nitrogen hoses have a working pressure of up to 200 psi.
  • Color coded to conform to CGA C-9 standard.
  • The fittings are permanently crimped on each end with ferrules.

Operating Temperature: -60C~+250C
Dielectic Strength: 20Kv/mm
Tensile Strength MPa: >=6.5
Tear Strength N/mm: >=14
Elongation %: 296
Shrinkage Rate%: 2.7~3.0
Compression set%: 30
Specific Gravity: 1.2
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